Sunday, March 30, 2008

At precisely 11:37am

I made a note on a piece of paper that I finally put a new scent on. After 5:30's (approximately) revelation about the Maine winter and my nearly week long obsession with the scent-that-shall-not-be-named, I felt that I had had enough, at least for now. It was time to move on. My love had lost it's mystery. Sigh.

I didn't want to try anything that might challenge me. Nor did I want to smell anything that I was too familiar with. Interesting dilemma there. But the answer lay in Chanel's Eau de Cologne, which was the "boring" scent from the Exclusifs collection. It's a nice refreshing and unsurprising cologne which lasts about 10 minutes at most on my skin. A cool breeze of bergamot - and poof - it's gone.

I decided to layer some Frapin 1270 over what was left of the cologne. This was an odd choice, since I've never even opened the sample vial to sniff it. I knew nothing about this scent and still don't, for I intentionally disregarded it when I applied it.

I feel like I've insulted Beatrice Cointreau by ignoring her creation and combining it with another on it's first try (though I highly doubt she'd be too upset by this Maine yokel's faux pas or opinion, but I could be wrong). I was rude to it and owe it an apology. Yet, a few hours later, I smell very little of note, or to note. It just smells nice, but I've got all sorts of scents on me at the moment and I am guessing that the soap I used to wash my hands and forearms at 11:30 is the predominant smell. It was Caldrea's Italian Cypress Pear, which was their unpopular Christmas release.

To make up for my snubbing the Frapin 1270, I put up this drawing: the nave of the Amiens Cathedral, the cathedral church of Notre Dame, Amiens, northern France. It is the largest Gothic cathedral in France and among the most famous religious monuments in the world. It replaced an earlier building that burnt down in 1218 and was built for the most part between 1220 and 1270.

The Frapin perfume is named 1270 for the year the Frapin family established itself in the Cognac region of France. Frapin is a Cognac maker; I am bit confused, for I cannot find anything about their perfume on the Web except reviews and where to buy it. Stay tuned, or if you know, please enlighten me. I don't think I"m all that interested in this scent, but it's history is intriguing. What I did learn, I got from Lucky Scent.


Country Mouse said...

Just to clarify - why do you say that Caldrea's Italian Cypress Pear is unpopular? It's a limited edition holiday release (short time supply) - they do that with different fragrances every year. That's the nature of the beast - "One time only, limited supply - get it while it's hot". The Italian Cypress Pear was the most popular of the fragrances released for Fall/Winter 2007/2008. I'm just curious if you read any bad reviews of it. I'd be curious since our sales rep. said it was the best fragrance in the Christmas collection. I know you read lots of reviews so I wondered if you heard something I hadn't. Personally I preferred last year's limited edition "Pineapple Nutmeg" but that's just my personal taste/nose/smell.

Websafe said...

K├Ânnen Sie mir zeigen einer gotischen Kapelle, die aus dem Inneren? Vielen Dank.

(Please see today's chat with Ms. K-N, and gift her longer shrift.) (Und ein Bleistift.) Ta-ra!

Julie H. Rose said...

My mistake: I forgot to include the link the the Amiens Cathedral website.

There is now a clickable link in the body of the entry to a wonderful website, "The Amien Cathedral Project", where you will be able to see all the pictures you desire.