Sunday, March 23, 2008

The grey sticky notes: L'artisan Passage D'Enfer

first grey sticky note:
both m. & l. sent this. L. w/no comment.
I don't know what I'm smelling. It is outside of what I normally "like" but I 'm loving it. It DOES smell like an old church. Or the old library where I grew up. It's "old" in a good way, not as in "old-fashioned". It is NOT what I think of as "perfume".
However I am craving vanilla. Have been all day - for comfort, I think. I'd hate to ruin this scent with that

then: i have a desire to listen to Gregorian Chant, but D's asleep. can't find earbuds. i keep smelling my wrists. images: empty churches. robed monks swinging the censers.

last one:
2am can't sleep
passage d'enfer had to scrub at 1am booth's products did the trick an hour ago. couldn't imagine sleeping w/ this scent-nightmares? an hour later totally awake a coincidence? no vanilla comfort. rose absolue does the trick.
ah, maybe i'm not so complicated after all

Buy Catholic Church supplies here. The image above is from the Gothia Gazette. I know nothing about this. I found the image on Google and thought it felt like "Passage D'enfer". . .

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