Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rose sticky note

The sticky note was pink. When I think of roses, I do think of the color red. I also can picture white and pink roses. Right now, I'm thinking of two roses with a bit of baby's breath (yes, it's typical) in a long stem glass bottle. One flower is pink. The other is white. Oh, there is a long stemmed dead white rose with a bit of baby's breath in a glass cylinder on my kitchen table.

I know there are yellow roses, black roses, blue roses. . .Nearly black red roses are nice, but for some reason even the idea of yellow and blue roses offends my sensibilities. I shudder at the thought of a yellow rose.

Here's the sticky note:"3/11 rose absolue yves rocher
this is a beautiful rose and reminds me that i really do love the smell of roses. fantastic how long it lasts but not old lady and not too strong"
Note to readers: this eau de parfum is a bargain.

I long for my old beautiful bottle YSL Paris. It was pure rose with a capital R. I want to shoot myself, for when I moved to Maine, I gave my perfume collection to the Salvation Army.

They probably threw it away. . .it had vintage Chanel Cristalle, Hermes Caleche. . .stuff that's been messed with, reformulated and inferior to what once was. . .

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Country Mouse said...

Hey J!
I think this a potentially EXPLOSIVE new direction for you. You can throw yourself forward in an all encompassing way through your thoughts, the world, your nose, sticky notes and being a dilettante in the best sense of the word. My Mac dictionary ALSO describes dilettante as a "person loving the Arts". Is there a word other than dilettante that expresses your new adventure without the semantic negatives? I'm looking forward to these new postings (and remember I also enjoyed your previous blogs too). "Everything is Interesting" has limitless possibilities and encompasses your passion and curiosity. Tallyho!