Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bvlgari Eau Parfumee Au The Rouge

You will hear much about my eternal quest to find extraordinary bargains at Marshall's and TJ Maxx. I hear people find some truly fantastic fragrances there every once in a while. This past Friday at T.J.Maxx was a bust. Just the usual suspects - Curve, Curve and more Curve. The leftover gift sets of celebrity scents. I left, empty handed.

Marshall's was a bit better than usual, for they were discounting many boxed fragrances because the boxes had been opened or ripped. I'll admit it: I opened a few myself. Unfortunately, this caused me to wind up with fingers smelling of a combination of Davidoff Cool Water, Azzaro Pure Cedrat, Bulgari Au The Rouge and Lacroix Tumulte.

I bought the Bvlgari for 17 bucks. It's a disappointing fragrance. I'd call it limp. I'm wearing it now and feel like I'm sitting in a large box of Twinings Earl Grey Tea. It doesn't smell liked brewed tea. It smells like the box of tea; the whole shebang, paper and all. I happen to love that smell. I love opening a new box of tea. Ooh. Right now this reminds me of a truly fantastic tea which I've forgotten all about. I can't even remember the brand, so I'll google it. . . .hold on. . .okay. . .got it: Revolution Earl Grey and Lavender. Delicious! Needs milk and sugar (or raw honey, which is what I use). Beautiful bouquet.

But there's no pic of a box of tea on this post, so I should get to the point, shouldn't I?

Bulgari Au The Rouge smells nice. Do I want to smell like a box of tea? No. Shall I pawn it off on someone else? Perhaps, if they want to smell like tea. Call me old-fashioned, but I think scent should be a bit sexy. Somehow, a nice cup of tea isn't sexy.

Bottom line: this stuff is great as an air freshener for the bathroom that is next to my kitchen. It was a bit pricey for that, but I've got it and I have to find a use for it, don't I?

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