Monday, March 24, 2008

Au The Rouge Redux

Monday morning. Slept late. Not an unusual thing.

It was just that I had to get to a doctor's appointment and I had very little time. I was scrambling. So, I threw on the same clothes I wore yesterday, reheated a cup of cold coffee in the microwave, brushed my teeth, threw a pretty scarf on, 'cause, after all, I was wearing leftovers which I'm sure smelled of duck grease. . .and then I reached for the Bulgari Au The Rouge.

And then I realized I've contradicted myself in an earlier post for I had written that this scent would make a better air freshener than perfume.

I am fickle (characterized by erratic changeableness or instability, especially with regard to affections or attachments; capricious). As an aside, I find the word changeableness objectionable, it just sounds wrong in some way, but this is the definition in the American Heritage Dictionary, so who am I to say?

The Rouge was the perfect thing for a groggy Monday morning. It is fresh without greenery, which seemed perfect for a day like this one. The sky was a cloudless bright blue. The sun seemed brighter than usual. The idea of spring seemed not too far fetched, though any evidence of it's arrival was not apparent. We are still surrounded by snow. But this snow is no longer beautiful. There are piles higher than my head, filled with the detritus of a ruined driveway. Large patches where the snow has melted are filled with sawdust, tree bark in chunks of all sizes, and sunflower seed hulls.

It is bleak and ugly and lasts until May 1st. This is the Maine that tourists don't often see.

I've had such a yearning for Spring as does everyone I speak to. We all get cranky around now. I am hoarding my little vial of CB I Hate Perfume's "Memories of Kindness" for it smells exactly like tomato vines on a hot summer day and I need that. But there's something almost pathetic about looking for (and finding) summer in a bottle when it's so bleak outside.

I could have reached for my favorite Chanel, which is the epitome of green, but I am trying new scents these days, so I passed.

The Rouge was perfect. No, it's not very complicated. What memories and feelings it evokes are rather humdrum to me. A cooling cup of tea in a plain white cup. But sometimes you just need something simple.

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