Friday, March 28, 2008

Is that all she could say about love?

Yes, it was. I should sit myself down and give this subject more thought. I try not to think about romantic love. That's telling, isn't it?

We all use the word frequently. People "love" their iPhones, their sexual partners, movies, a particular restaurant (blah blah blah). The same word, love, is applied to all. What a broad brush we are using!

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Country Mouse said...

I agree. I overuse the word "love". Love has become as plain as dirt. Maybe there should be a new word - "Oh how I LURVE you", it is "Ultra-Love"!!!! Those are facetious - I mean something far more poetic and evocative of great passion or exultation of spirit. Our current language needs livening up - a new infusion of meaning. On the glass half-full side, when we hear someone who is articulate we rejoice in the beauty, humor and clarity of the words they choose. It breathes intensity back into what often seems like a dead language.