Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm somewhat normal

"Thus an average man—one with 120 friends—generally responds to the postings of only seven of those friends by leaving comments on the posting individual’s photos, status messages or “wall”. An average woman is slightly more sociable, responding to ten. When it comes to two-way communication such as e-mails or chats, the average man interacts with only four people and the average woman with six. Among those Facebook users with 500 friends, these numbers are somewhat higher, but not hugely so. Men leave comments for 17 friends, women for 26. Men communicate with ten, women with 16."

-"Primates on Facebook", The Guardian

So, I'm a bit under par.

Painting note: Pierre Bonnard
"Young Woman Writing" 1908 I imagine this woman is writing letters. I used to write letters when I was a girl. I had a penpal in Australia for many years. In my twenties, I sent out Christmas cards (on time). Now, I find it hard to stay in touch with anyone who doesn't use e-mail.

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TMC said...

I had penpals when I was a youth. One of which I just rediscovered... on Facebook. :)

It's a wasteland. And yet not.