Monday, March 16, 2009

Buddy, can you spare an idea?

My past strategy for jump-starting the flow of ideas (admitting I've run out of them) hasn't worked. So, I'm taking suggestions. I'd put up a poll, but I never get more than a few responses. C'mon, help a blogger out!
Photo note: For those who haven't seen my Twitter photo, these are my hands (and no, they are not that huge). I'm wearing what are called wristers, pulse warmers, or fingerless gloves, depending on where in the world you live. They are so easy to knit! The yarn isn't anything special. I took an ugly pinkish-purple skein of yarn and threw it into a dye pot with very little water in it. I sprinkled dye on the wool in a haphazard manner and let it simmer for twenty minutes. I love being a sloppy dyer!


jmcleod76 said...

Write about:
Your most memorable meal.
What your favorite article of clothing is, and why.
The most difficult thing you've ever done.
When you feel most alive.
Something about you that is old-fashioned.
Something about you that makes you feel ahead of your time.
What your favorite place is, and why.
An experience that changed you in a profound way.
A story from your time at Zen Mountain Monastery.
The circumstances surrounding the best tattoo you ever did.
A poem you like.
A song you like.
A memento you've kept for a long time, and why.
I could go on. I won't ...

Julie H. Rose said...

Thank you, Jaime! I will get to some of these. Your list makes me realize that I could have just opened up my copy of "Wild Mind" for suggestions, but it's nicer to get them from people I know.

BitterGrace said...

The Dakota post reminds me that I have always wondered why you never do any posts about animals. Have you got any pets? Ever have any? Didn't you go to Maine with the idea of raising sheep, or am I imagining that?

And since we've all been talking about age recently, I'd like to read your hopes for old age--Where do you want to be an old woman? What do you want to be doing then?

TMC said...

STOP. I can already hear your response to BG... something like "I already am an old woman" or some other bs. :) Just stop.

I like Jaime's list.
Also, you could show us a tattoo or two and tells us the story about it. And how about a mini perfume review primer? I don't know the lingo!

Julie H. Rose said...

I just searched my blog for the keyword "sheep" and found quite a bit. I also have written about birds.

But, I realize that I have never written about my cat, Miko. Poor Miko deserves a post! I think that is what I must get to first. I feel rather guilty for not writing about her.

Websafe said...

How about: The easiest possible handknit socks on earth -- ones which even a person who doesn't want to knit can make?

Country Mouse said...

I'd say MORE Dakota posts!! Hah!

I also loved jmcleod76's list. Well done! Lots of potential there!

How about a post on humor? Who and what do you find funny? And why? Tell us about the time you laughed the hardest. What type of sense of humor do you have? What's guaranteed to make you laugh?

How about some general philosophy? I know you have MANY insightful views of the world and the ways we cope in order to live in it. How do you deal with other people you don't relate to? (I ask this because I"M struggling with how to be comfortable around people I find difficult to talk too). What concepts and theories are running through your mind right now?

In this complex world (full of shades of grey) what do you view as "absolute"? Do you think anything is "black and white"? Do you believe that there is such a thing as a universal truth?

What's your current view of LOVE - romantic or other?

I realize these are NOT top notch questions but I wanted to give it a try!

You have a fascinating mind Julie! That's one of the things I love about you.

Country Mouse said...

One other thing!

What attitude do you think is most helpful when life gives you a huge challenge? Do you have advice for someone who has been thrown a real tough curveball? What to do when something extremely difficult happens to us?