Friday, February 12, 2010

Old posts & life

I hadn't checked Google analytics for a long time, and I'm sorry I did. Now, 80% of the folks who find their way to this blog arrive at the post about the Ikea mattress debacle.* In spite of my having left a number of comments saying "please stop leaving comments", people have to add their two cents. Do I deserve a weekly browbeating for being so foolish as to have thought I'd find a good mattress at Ikea? How about comments informing me what a whiner I am? Then again, others find solace in hearing that someone else had the same experience, and they leave a snippet of their sorry tale.

But really, of all the posts to attract so much attention, did it have to wind up being that one? Since the rest of this blog is not a consumer's rant-o-rama, these poor visitors appear to check one other entry out, and spend an average of less than sixty seconds doing so.

What is this blog about, anyway? Maybe it's become "Julie thinks her life is interesting." Yes, that might just be true.

I should hope that everyone's life is interesting. So many people say they lead boring lives. I wonder if they're actually bored with their lives. I imagine that they are not, but instead think that an ordinary life is by definition "boring." Ah well, we can't all be floating in long dresses upon red carpets, can we?

Honestly, I would venture to guess that the constant pressing of hands, air-kisses, and all that the celebrity high-powered social life must get terribly tedious after a while, Then again, I haven't much patience for that type of thing, where one must keep their mindless chit-chat muscles in shape, always be on guard against smudged eye makeup, and teeter about in high heels.

So, with that thought in mind, there's a big announcement to be made. Here it comes: Everything is Interesting will be moving out of the countryside. That's right, folks. This old city gal turned country bumpkin is officially getting her ass out of the middle of nowhere.

I'm tired, so. . .to be continued. . .

Ha! This normally blabbermouthed being is being rather mum. Eh, a little suspense won't kill any of you. Especially those of you who came for mattress reviews.

Image note: This is the kind of thing I find not boring: Free patterns! Inspiration! Go here for both, if you like this kind of thing.

*I was informed today that if you google "Ikea mattress" my silly little story is the first hit after links to Ikea. Too bad I'm not a consumer reports blogger! Hmmm. . .


Abigail said...

Ooooo, you're moving to the city? Yay!

Dick Fischbeck said...

Doesn't surprise me since you ARE #4 if you search ikea and mattress.