Monday, February 15, 2010

Another new blog? Oh my!

As if there aren't enough things to do, what with all the changes happening in my life. Well, I do need another blog, for I'm making a big push to make an actual living with my fiber obsessions. There will be a website where one can purchase my handspun yarn, finished objects, and purchase the workshop workbooks I'm working on (try saying that three times fast). Oh yes, there is too much to do! The website's not up yet, but the blog is, with two entries about how to knit cables without cable needles.

I had to come up with a name, which is so hard for me. I just don't name things. There are a number of blog entries here about that (and darned if I can direct you to them). I've used random name generators, the Oxford English Dictionary opened at random, and all sorts of other ways to find names for pets and other things (and I do know that pets are not things). I'm sure I'll come to regret my final decision, as I always seem to, but the name of my fiber arts biz is Scenic Turnout, mostly because I've had a lovely old sign that says that hanging in my kitchen for years and I'm quite attached to it. It says "Scenic Turnout - 50 ft." Uh oh. It may say 500 feet, but I'm too lazy to get up and look and am amazed I'm not sure what it says.

Anyhoo, I am fixated on a joke that only I find amusing, that there's yards and yards to go before the Scenic Turnout. See? I'm no comedian, I couldn't even word that well. "A million yards before I stop!" "Yards and yards for you to choose from!" Oh, never mind. The product is the point, isn't it? Sure, a good name will help, but plenty of things have the worst names, though right now I can't bring anything to mind. I've been on the computer a little too long today. It seems to rot my memory cells.

Photo note: This is about twelve yards of a crocheted chain, doubled back on itself with a single crochet. This pile o' mess is the beginning of the edges I'm pushing at. I've always been a traditionalist when it comes to fiber arts. Now, I've discovered pure freedom, and it feels great. No, it feels fabulous! Still, with just too much to do, I've all sorts of ideas cooped up in my brain, just dying to get out. I'm dreaming of embedding silk threads between layers of leaf-shaped raw silk, and then tying them into some handspun. I just love the look of hanging vines, so why not create my own no-need-for-water wool/silk versions? I'm calling them "un-scarves." Drape them over anything!

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