Friday, May 8, 2009

A little nothing of a post

What happened? Once upon a time, writing a post a day was as easy as pie. Some days I'd even post more than one. Well, a pie isn't that easy to bake, actually, and now thinking up blog posts is just not coming easily to me, either. I was thinking of baking a pie this weekend, and considered making a torte instead. Maybe that has some relationship to the thought I'm trying to capture in words, but maybe not, so I'll stop trying.

If you understood that, I commend you. I hardly did.

Think of this entry as a kind of "keeping in touch." I know I like blogs where there's always something new, and if there isn't, I tend to stop visiting after a while.

I wish there was something truly fascinating I could tell you. It's not that there isn't a lack of topics. There just isn't anything I feel like saying about them. The birds are all in their bright new spring plumage. The plants are growing so fast that I think if I sat down for a while, I might see upward movement. The cat next door has had kittens. My cat is enjoying life outdoors once again. I put up a new shower curtain a few weeks ago that is very cheerful and continues to give me pleasure. I made a slipcover for a chair, but I haven't finished it yet, and as I've already started using it, I'm afraid I'll never get around to finishing the project. That last one seems like something particularly un-bloggable, but of all of these things, I'm the most likely to blog about it, for not finishing projects is a problem I have developed over the years. The way time flies these days makes it difficult for me to keep up. Does anyone know how to slow this down? I think not, for if someone had, it would be on the cover of at least one magazine, or advertised all over the web along with the miracle wrinkle creams.

So, there you have it. My non-thoughts about life, as of May 8th, 2009. Once someone commented on my lack of writing about nature. I don't like thinking about nature. I like being in it. And afterwards, I feel I have nothing to say, unless something happens that's out of the ordinary, like falling into a bog or having a bird land on my head. I have no desire to describe the beauty of the outdoors, nor do I want to take photographs of it. I neither want to talk, write, or document any of it, except to note when a bird has returned to my feeder. Those notes go on my refrigerator door, and then into a book the next year. One rose breasted grosbeak has returned, but we've not seen any orioles or hummingbirds yet. The feeders are waiting, guys! C'mon back!

Photo note: I've never thought of the grosbeak as a "cute" bird, but in this photo it certainly is.

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