Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just a bit of melancholia

It troubles me a wee bit that many of my recent posts are about customer service or the lack thereof. I'm not a cranky person. I may tend towards melancholy, but I'm not cranky.

And if you're wondering what this melancholy business is, it sounds a lot nicer than "depression." In fact, I think it's more accurate. One of the definitions for melancholia is "pensive reflection or contemplation" which is not a bad thing to participate in. Another definition is "black bile", but that's been proven to not cause problems.

On the other hand, depression is most often characterized by a loss of interest in life. That, I do not suffer from. If I were truly depressed, I would not thrill to the sight of the returning hummingbirds and run excitedly to my refrigerator to write down the date. Instead, I'd probably mumble something vaguely incoherent about "yeah. . .I saw 'em last year. . .so?"

I would not burst into a smile upon seeing the rather ugly eaglets at the Duke Farms Eagle Cam. Right now, those eaglets look like the pile of dust bunnies that I swept into a heap yesterday.

I wouldn't get a big kick out of simply making a cord, as I did yesterday. Yes, the process of picking four colors of embroidery thread and knotting them into a cord is great fun, in my opinion. I really am easy to please.

But I do suffer from melancholy. My dreams are filled with sadness. I wish they would stop. Dear unconscious, do you have to torture me so? Life's hard enough. Why can't you give me nice dreams that enhance my state of mind instead of making my nights so painful?

My subconscious is not cooperating. It has crossed it's arms and refused to answer the questions. Darn that Freudian construct.

And with that, today's short entry is coming to a close. Not much to say today. Still wearing Guerlain's Shalimar Light, enjoying it greatly, and snobbishly thinking that I shouldn't like it.

Image note: 1920's Shalimar ad. Now that I've looked at this image three times, I must say I think it's a lousy piece of design. What do you think?


The Fragrant Muse said...

Melancholy in May? Maybe the sun isn't shining enough up in Maine? As for the poster design, Yee gads. I had to read it four times before I realized it didn't say "Are You Ber Type?"

BitterGrace said...

I like Shalimar Light myself. I have the shower gel, too, which is great stuff.

Thanks for the eagle cam link. It's dark now. I'll have to check back tomorrow.

PS. So your hummers finally arrived? Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you on that poster design, it's pretty terrible. They had a series of these in different colors for Vega, Sous le Vent and another one I can't recall. One example of vintage design not always being superior to modern.
You made me curious about Shalimar light, I haven't tried it yet.
You know what else is a lot like Shalimar? Vintage Coty Emeraude, I recently discovered. And Reve Indienne by Fragonard.

Anonymous said...

By the way, your Shalimar light link takes you to the Eagle Cam site too:)

lady jicky said...

So that is whats up with those SA's in the stores lately - they ARE Depressed - for they have absoulutly NO interest in anything you want to buy or ask of them! LOL

Put me on the "thats a shocker ad" list too. Yik.

Julie H. Rose said...

Welcome, Lady Jicky. Great name (great perfume). I haven't been in a department store in so long, I have no idea what the SA's are like at all. . .

I have to change that link, I suppose. But it's rather funny to think that one might click on Shalimar Light and see a bunch of eaglets!

Nika, I have no experience with vintage fragrances except the ones that are vintage in my life (sigh). Here's an admission: I've never actually tried Shalimar! Shame on me.

And, I must post a new entry soon.