Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The end of olfactory ennui, coming soon

In my last post, I expressed some olfactory ennui. It could be remedied. There are entire lines I've never tried. There's perfumer Abdes Salaam, whose scents can be found here, and written about at Nathan Branch's site. I've never tried any Madinis, which have been written about beautifully, of course, over at BitterGrace Notes. And then there's Histoire de Parfums. . .and. . .

I don't need to go on. It is amazing that there are so many scents out there. I started out, like most people, knowing only of Chanel and whatever else was in the departments stores. The drugstore scents, with the exception of Jean Nate's after bath splash when I was very young, I've ignored (thankfully). Now, it's time to leave the Bulgari, Hermes, L'artisan, and Serge Lutens and other more known niche pefumes behind, I think. With this obsession, one needs infusions of more obscure fixes. I will have to wait. . .ahem. . .for a job.

Image note: Horrors! I don't know who to attribute this to - it's simply "girl with perfume."

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lady jicky said...

I have to tell you ---- I love Jean Nate! LOL
We used to get it in the 70's here in Australia but sadly, no more.
It was great in our summer heat and cheap too!
See, I am no snob. I have smelt shockers in the $$$$$ class and Shockers in the Cheapo class too.
I am a bit like you at the moment - perfumed out and we just don't get the range of scents like you do unless we pop on the internet and with our dollar and the postage to Oz -- its $$$$$$ and you could end up with a stinker - this has happened to me so I am sort of brown off the internet stores !!
Its all too depressing , plus its winter here so that does not help either! LOL