Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spinning pain into happiness

Where's my camera? Did you take it? Wish you had, 'cause then you could tell me where it is. Alas. No pics of the wool I've spun this evening. It's pretty. And the thing is, in spite of all the pain and drama and nonsense (and seriousness, let's not diminish it) of the last few days, weeks, months (okay, all of life), whilst spinning yarn this evening I felt perfectly content. No, not just content, but happy. Blissful even.

The act of spinning is one of paying attention, hardly more than that. The feel of the wool between my fingers, treadling the wheel evenly, remembering not to hold anything too tightly lest I hurt my hands or overtwist the yarn, nor let it get away from me; it's so simple and that is it's beauty. Meditation, spinning, they are pretty similar. One has instant results. The other may or may not. Doesn't matter. Each is the practice of mindfulness, of being fully present to what is happening right now, not what happened this morning, not what will happen tomorrow, and just being.

And in this present moment, (oh, yes, it's a cliche), everything is perfectly fine. The aching back, the fears about my health, sadness about so much, my throbbing hands that can spin wool and so I'm grateful for that, yes, everything is perfect in this present moment.

Happiness is right here, right now. So is peace with whatever is ailing me, and so, for all of us. This human brain is quite the miracle isn't it? What a beautiful, horrible mess - "the great catastrophe."

I had spoken in the last post about pain being an opportunity. It is. So, really, I do have much gratitude.

Image note: Coming soon, the transformation of simple white wool (when I find my camera). Thank you to the anonymous sheep who gave of your fleece.

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Jim said...

simple = less stress, for me.
Good for you! :0)