Friday, January 29, 2010

A plain shirt, transformed

For those of you who followed my old blog, "The Craft Yogini", this long post (made from many old entries) will be familiar. I've been wearing this shirt a lot lately. I rather overdid it when making it. If I were to make it again, I'd eliminate the big circle on the back, and the patches on the shoulders. There was already "too much" in a good way, what with three gigantic (and very useful) pockets on the front, and the little half circles on sleeves and back. I love this shirt, though I never get any compliments on it (sigh). Maybe it's too artsy-hippie for most people's taste, though I don't see it as that, or maybe it's not flattering (no, it's not flattering, nor was it meant to be), or. . .well, who knows. I'm not fishing for compliments, but only wonder why I love it so, when others seem to be left cold.

Why am I re-posting it now? Hmm. Maybe it's an antidote to all the posts about pain and depression. Maybe it's only because I've been wearing it so much of late. I love the way it looks with rolled up jeans, scruffy brown shoes and belt, and a high turtleneck underneath. And besides that, I couldn't sleep, was lying in bed, woken up with pain once again, and found myself thinking furiously about all the crafts projects that I'm in the midst of or dreaming about. I'm feeling like sewing again, but I've got oh so much other things to finish first!

First, I put pockets on the front. I just had to cover up the little logo.

Then, I cut off the cuffs.

I put a new collar right over the old one.

Lastly, I put on strip of fabric over the button placket and put a big circle on the back.

I sewed on one cuff. I was undecided about it. It seemed too heavy. I went and slit the sides of the shirt and put binding on them, creating more of the smock look I was aiming for. Meanwhile, the one cuff stayed on. . .

. . .but today I cut it right off. I found a few scraps of another handspun blue plaid and I got all excited!

I put the half circles over the remainder of the original shirt's sleeve button placket. Then I put binding over the raw edge.

A few more finishing touches and the shirt is done. I might put a big button at the neckline but I'm not sure yet. If I do, it'll be a button made from the blue and white checked fabric. Here's the shirt:

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