Sunday, February 1, 2009

I couldn't help myself

It seemed outrageous to have a post of celebrity crushes without him, even though I said I wouldn't, since we've all seen his face enough times.

Who am I kidding? One can't see his face enough times! Sorry, kids, no pirate pics. I chose this one because I liked the gray scarf (and I've never seen it before).

Is there anyone who doesn't find this man attractive? If you're out there, and you're not just being argumentative, please leave a comment. I (and millions of other people, of all persuasions)find Mr. Depp knee-weakeningly sexy.

This is something of my response to the last post's comments. Yes, I did use the word "sex" in the last post (and again, in the above paragraph).

Yes, I agree that whom we find attractive can be an important subject. It depends on how one approaches it. If it's just "OMG! OMG!", well, that isn't much of a conversation starter. But, I did bring up some other topics besides "Who does Julie think is cute?"

And I realized, much as I enjoy the guy, Mr. Brand does not substitute for Mr. Depp "in a pinch." Sorry, Russell, but you seem to be play-acting your sexuality (even if you have a "sex addiction"). Johnny Depp sure has fun with his looks, no doubt at about it, but somehow it never seems forced. Ah, maybe, even celebrity crushes are blind.


TMC said...

oh, the "s" word! So you did, so you did. :)

jmcleod76 said...

No need to apologize. The real Mr. Depp beats Captain Jack, any day! And I think it's OK to have fun with one's sexiness. No one seems to mind, in his case ... well, except for those bitchy fashion commentaros who keep putting him in "worst dressed" lists ... I love his glasses and brown fedora. Fuck fashion commentators, anyway. They have bland taste.

Julie H. Rose said...

I love the way Johnny Depp dresses. That's one reason I picked this photo. I agree - to hell with the fashion commentators! Right now, I find most fashion to be downright awful. The continuing infatuation with 1970's style boggles my mind. That decade deserves to be left where it is - in the past!

Some of the haute couture is amazing, though nobody actually wears that stuff.