Wednesday, June 4, 2008

She just can't help it, nor can I

When will I stop apologizing for writing political posts? The answer: probably never.

Today's preliminary topic: Should a person write a blog post when their blood is boiling? The answer: probably not.

Today's main topic (so far): Clinton's non-concession speech last night, with an extra bonus feature - her website today.

Her speech was an outrage. The only bit of congratulations she could muster up was to say that the Obama camp ran a good campaign. Then, she proceeds to tell us what her accomplishments are and how she'll keep fighting for us. I kept waiting for her to acknowledge that she hadn't won the nomination, but that never happened. She said the nomination fight ended in South Dakota, which it did not, and once gain claimed victory with the popular vote. She said she'll keep on fighting for the people who voted for her (but not the rest of us?) and was mum when the crowd started to chant "Denver! Denver!"

Does she really want to be remembered as the person who put the last nail in the coffin of the Democratic party?

Ms. Clinton: your disingenuousness is beyond imagining. You don't play by the rules. You said at the beginning of this campaign that it was "all about the delegates" but since you didn't get that, it's now all about the popular vote. Yes, it was a tight race. You do deserve to be acknowledged and so do your supporters. But is this the right way to do it? NO. To continue sniping at Obama and stirring up the pot amongst your supporters is shameful.

Some people said last night was your night, let her do her thing, after all, she lost and hasn't come to terms with it yet. Please, are you a ten year old who's lost the race for school president? No, you are a grown woman who claims to be very tough, so I think you can handle what's going on quite well, thank you. And if not, if we do have to "give you your space" you are indeed perpetuating some myths about women in positions of power; that when push comes to shove, they are not strong enough emotionally to handle things the way a man would. I don't believe that, but if we need to accommodate denial then perhaps we'll have to start thinking about accommodating menopausal mood swings and the like. This is not a sexist comment. If you think so, get a thicker skin.

I am appalled that today, on Senator Clinton's website, it says "Clinton for President". She has no right to do this. It is inflammatory and divisive. She did not win. Let me repeat this: She did not win.

It is time for us to put this nominating season behind us and fight the Republicans. Period.

Image note: I could not bring myself to putting up a photo of Clinton. In the interest of just helping to brighten my day (and possibly yours) on this grim and rainy late morning (here in Maine, that is) I offer us a flower. Gee, I sound like a hippie!

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