Monday, June 16, 2008

Cat pee

For the last few weeks, I've been hounded by the smell of cat pee. I've used up nearly an entire can of Febreeze in the bathroom with the cat box in it. I've cleaned the cat box far more often than I ever have.

But it's not just in that bathroom. On occasion, I've smelled it on myself. I don't like the smell of cat pee. Perhaps there's some sick twisted person somewhere who does, but I haven't met one yet.

I figure the smell is in the air because it's been damp. But that doesn't seem like a totally plausible reason, for it's been damp and cold or hot and humid many times in the past and the smell of cat piss didn't hang about day after day after day. What's going on here? Maybe my nose has become too sensitive.

I smelled it upon a few shirts and threw them in the wash. And why is it on my shirts? I have not caught my cat peeing anywhere besides her box.

About ten minutes ago, I figured it out. It is not my cat, the specter of her peeing on thing in secret, or her box.

It is Caldrea's Italian Cypress Pear hand soap. The first time I got a whiff of this product, I thought "yuck" (or something to that effect). But there was something strangely alluring about the scent, and so, when a friend offered to give me some that she didn't want, I said "Sure".

And I've been enjoying it. It's quite strong and is great for scrubbing off unwanted headache-inducing perfumes. I can't smell any pear, but it does have a woodsy feel, and it smells quite natural, unlike the hundreds of candy-fruity liquid soaps on the market.

It does smell like cat pee. Oh, not always, for if it did i'd have tossed it a while ago. It does seem that it smells like cat pee on a damp or humid day, just like cat pee does. Didn't anyone notice this when they formulated this product? It's a mystery to me.

But it's another mystery solved. And now I don't have to clean my cat box as much. Thanks, Caldrea!

Image note: The CatGenie self washing, self drying cat box. At $350, i'll be continuing to clean my cat box myself.

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