Saturday, April 26, 2008

For Her: a big scent for a larger than life woman?

In a previous post I wrote about my nauseating ordeal with Narciso Rodriguez for Her. I even speculated upon what Luca Turin would make of this perfume.

Well, now I know. Having pre-ordered "Perfumes The Guide" I've had almost two weeks to peruse and assimilate Turin and Sanchez's takes on hundreds of scents.

Like most guides, there's a point system; in this case it being 1 star for Awful and 5 for Masterpiece. A 3 is Adequate.

Four stars means it's recommended and that's what Narciso Rodriguez has merited, whereas some scents that are well loved by many a well informed nose rate as adequate or lower.

I found it interesting to note that the description of For Her has much the same feeling that I described. Turin writes, ". . .stand at attention as she sweeps past."

I'm loving the book for its pithy and sometimes downright bitchy reviews. Would I buy an untested fragrance because of a five star review? Absolutely not. I need no more nights of scrubbing my wrists desperately trying to eliminate a sickening so-called fragrance. Turin may have the most acutely sensitive nose on the planet, but I'm not him. I don't get free perfume, either, and can't afford to own a fragrance just because it's tremendously interesting to a jaded nose.

As to my current love affair with L'artisan's Passage D'enfer; Turin compares it to Pine Sol.

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