Saturday, October 4, 2008

Markov chain generated "poetry"

Oh sure, I’m exactly like me
I wrote I was a bitter old women, didn’t I?

I feel the sadness of the time.

(I do bring their wives flowers for no reason
or gaze at them after twenty five years
with absolute

I never thought I hated it
I never thought I am.

It doesn’t change
It doesn’t change the first place.

I just wrote a bit

Does it mean something or not? Is it any "good"? I don't know those answers. I do know I enjoyed creating it, for it was not entirely random. First, I wrote very quickly, in stream of consciousness (yes, even more than I normally do!) Then, I subjected the text to chopping. I recycled it four times. I was surprised how little it changed as it moved further away from the original. The topic wouldn't go away, for one thing. The only thing that I did as an editor of the text was to look at the final product, find a passage that I thought looked like it held together and then re-set it so it reads better, but I did not change a word.

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