Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Having to do something

The "tea party" phenomenom is really starting to get to me. I should stop watching documentation of it on YouTube or wherever it pops up. No sense having my blood boil, or wallowing in sadness over what's going on.

Earlier today I thought, "What can I do?" Yesterday, I accidentally subjected myself to Limbaugh's asinine bemoaning that "this is Obama's America, folks!" when, ahem, talking about the school bus incident. Limbaugh's on a radio station that calls itself the "voice of Maine." Whose voice is it? Not mine. So, I sent a polite but angry e-mail to that effect, not that I think it'll make any sort of difference. Of course, if everyone who feels similarly to me wrote the station, it might.

Check out this short post by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Image note: We are indeed living in a kind of Alice in Wonderland, but without any of the charming witticisms. Those who would be happy living in a theocracy are calling the president a fascist. . .

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