Saturday, July 11, 2009

A short and personal note

I had closed my laptop and thought I'd be going to sleep, Something was troubling me a bit. I thought of how often I mention my father in this blog, and how little I mention others who are important in my life, some even never. Some of it is too personal, even for an over-sharer such as myself.

I can speak from the heart about those who are dead, but as for the living, well, it's best to stay mum. My father, well, he influenced me a great deal, and much of that was not good, but those are the things I don't wish to dwell on.

But, I want to do justice to those who deserve it, and at the risk of embarrassing someone who actually reads this blog, I wish to say, to my dear Aunt, that she has taught me what true unconditional love is, how to laugh until I cried, enjoy stuffed animals without apology, and so much more (much more), and for that. . .I am without words.

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