Thursday, July 2, 2009

The bride wore hangtags

Of course, I've abandoned my side blog "Just Looking." Before I wave goodbye to it, I wanted to post this photograph. This is why I still find haute couture fun.

Today is shaping up to be a day for the sharing of random things. Hey, everything is interesting - bridal fantasies and their pricetags (just how much is that Christian Lacroix?!), the surprise of a crowd of boys head-banging to cellos, more gray skies, my cold feet (literally), the way the red umbrella is leaning towards the red flower on my deck, the sound of Dick moving around the house (so different than the way I move), the stickiness of a floor four days after one has cleaned up the spilled maple syrup, and now, the sound of a vacuum cleaner. I'm glad it's not me vacuuming, however. I do not find that interesting, only tiring. And it brings back memories of my father lifting his feet as my mother cleaned beneath him. When Dick asks me to do the same, I feel guilty.

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