Thursday, July 31, 2008

E-mail from the Clintons

This'll be short, but not sweet. I'm totally annoyed by the e-mails I received asking me to contribute money to cover Hillary Clinton's campaign debt. Why on earth should anyone give her money? The Clintons ought to deal with their debt like anyone else. I had a lot of debt and I didn't send e-mail to people I don't know asking them to help me out.

How do regular people deal with debt? Well,first off, they would sell their expensive property. Just how much property do the Clintons have? I haven't heard about either of them changing their lifestyle because they are in debt over their heads.

But no, the public has to help. The first e-mail I got concerning this asked for fifty bucks to buy a t-shirt that wasn't needed any more because her campaign was over, but the e-mail implied that the t-shirt had some kind of sentimental or possibly future value. Fat chance.

Today's e-mail plea was "from" Bill. He says he didn't get to have dinner much with his lovely and interesting wife while she was on the campaign trail. Now, the gimmick is that some lucky person will get to have dinner with Hillary, if one contributes money. The kicker on this e-mail is that the debt, which is in the millions, is just "pesky". Oh, that pesky debt.

Didn't Hillary contribute over ten million dollars of her own money to her campaign? Again, why should I help out someone that rich? The other night on the evening news, I heard that over 20,000 people a day are filing for bankruptcy. They all have pesky debts, but none of them have sent me an e-mail (nor I they).

I wish I had thought of this tactic. I could have just sent out e-mail at random to thousands of people, at no expense to myself, and avoid bankruptcy. Somehow I think that if I had done this, it might have been viewed as a scam, but who knows?

Hillary and Bill: please stop sending me e-mail!

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