Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everything's amazing

I don't think I'd ever seen Louis C.K.

The last clip was not comedic. Well, this is, and I figured both you, my imaginary friend, and me, who's spent the entire day self reflecting on some serious shit (oh my - three curses in one day! I'm going to hell!). . .well, it's time for some comic relief. This could almost be Andy Rooney oh-that-unappreciative-younger generation material, but I think not:


Raft said...

I keep promising my self that I'll read blogs more, but I haven't yet. Today my phone service isn't working, and coincidentally I happened upon your blog. I'm with Mr. C.K., if I were more gregarious I'd be saying all of it to someone or other, about how crazy it is that we don't appreciate how amazing this effing world is. Tall buildings? I don't get 'em. The radio? how do they do that? phone service? just waiting on it.

Vicki T. Gibbs said...
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Vicki T. Gibbs said...

Thank you for that. A great reminder about gratitude ... and fun!