Saturday, August 16, 2008

Even if I'm doing it wrong, I'll keep doing it

Today I spent some time looking at sites that enable people to make money from blogging. Rule number one: Don't write a general blog!

It's hard for you to find me. How did you find me? If you don't know me personally, I'd really appreciate it if you left a comment to let me know how you've wound up here.

So, I shouldn't be doing this the way I am. Am I going to change? No. I've had non-general blogs, and I eventually abandon them. Evidentally, that's perfectly okay, as long as they have generated income. But as much as I'd like to make some money from blogging, that was never my intent. I wanted a place to express my ideas, and I didn't want to conform to someone else's wishes. Blogging, as thousands of people already know, fulfills this need.

I don't quite understand how to steer people my way. I would like more readers. Do I want more readers because I think it would generate income? Nah. I want more dialog. I want to know just what it is that people like and what moves them. What moves you?

My largest desire is that by being honest about my life, it might encourage others to do the same or at least feel less alone. I'm not trying to sell my way of doing things, or promoting some "cure" for depression or chronic pain. Obviously, I haven't figured that out for myself, and (except for the chronic pain part) I'm seriously ambivalent about the need to conform to society's standards for so-called normalcy at all.

Getting back to finances, I don't want to turn this blog into a bunch of reviews with a little personal stuff on the side. That's what many blogs I've looked at today seem to be. Y'know, I just don't care what Jane-from-Paducah thinks about coffeemakers. I care much more about what Jane-from-Paducah thinks about her life, but Jane needs some money so she can put gas in her car. I do, too.

I tease a friend of mine for still caring about concepts like "selling out" in the music business. I had come to the conclusion that selling out didn't exist any more. If one can get a song on a commercial, fine and dandy; at least someone is hearing your song. But now, I'm starting to wonder, because I don't want to change anything I'm doing on this blog just to make some money.

Isn't that "not selling out"?

The thing I love most about the web is not it's ability to sell products so easily. It certainly does do a good job of that. What I love most about the web is the fact that I not only have the world's largest library sitting right here on my laptop in rural Maine, but the fact that I can communicate with people all over the world.

I love Google's new couch surfing tool, for example. Does this generate income for Google (probably, but how, I don't know)? People register to let other people stay for free in their homes. You can click on a map of the world and find someone almost anywhere who'll let you stay with them for a night or two. I find that extraordinary.

My first reaction to hearing about this is "Isn't it risky?" I suppose it is. Your host or the guest could be a serial killer. The fact that there is this new tool on Google is a testament to a lessening of fear. I ought to jump on that bandwagon. I watch way too many TV shows and movies about serial killers and there isn't one hiding behind every other Dick and Jane's lovely exterior. Most people aren't killers (right?)

My, I've really gotten off topic, haven't I? From not making any money blogging to reassessing the likelihood of the average person being a serial killer is a long journey in thought (well, maybe not in my mind).

How could I possibly not have a generalist's blog? I'd have to change the way I think! Now, a little pruning of my wandering thoughts may be in order (or not), but I am not going to change. I like my tangents. I love being a generalist.

I've always had a problem making money. That's an area I'd love to change, but unfortuntely for me, it doesn't seem like something that's going to change anyime soon.

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