Saturday, June 25, 2011

Everything is extraordinary

Yes, everything.

Someone referenced this three-year-old post. Perhaps I should engage more in popular culture so I have more accessible things to write about?



I dunno.

No energy for writing (or, obviously, thinking) now. Just got back from a retreat, which, contrary to popular notions, is decidedly not relaxing.

"I could sleep for a thousand years.  . ."

Why on earth am I posting these thought fragments?

One last thing: Blogger is "asking" me if I want to enable readers to leave "reactions."  Gee. You can click a button that'll say things like "cool," "interesting," or "funny." I think I'll take silence over that. I'm sure, by the end of the year, I'll be able to add the wretched "Like" button. Ah, Facebook. .  .you're turning us all into pre-schoolers.


Josephine said...

In regards to your comment about Facebook? Amen and...amen.

I visit FB periodically in the hopes that I won't leave actually having lost brain cells. However, it is consistent - I always feel dumber afterward.

Julie H. Rose said...

Hi Josephine. I'm pleased to see an actual comment!

I not heart Facebook.

Me not like.


If we continue going down the Facebook road, we will all learn to simply nod our heads "liking" everything until we have walked ourselves off a cliff.


Who needs paragraphs?

Tweet. #everyone.

Me in my glass house of dumbness shouldn't throw stones tonight.