Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coming soon. . .

More knitting patterns, crazy beehive and coiled yarns, and new rants about disease, dis-ease, and unease. Yes, that includes The End of the World!

Quit drinking coffee, so I can't stay up to write (or finish) any of it. Just keeping you informed.

The knitting's ripped out. Only the charts and notes remain.
Addendum: My promise (or prediction) didn't pan out, though reading Robert Whitaker's Anatomy of an Epidemic is providing me with a ridiculous amount of potential blog post topics. If you are on psychiatric medication, or know someone who is, read this book, or buy it, read it, and pass it on. I'm guessing that applies to anyone who is reading this, if you live in America. You can read the first chapter here. It is not in my local library, and I had to request it through interlibrary loan. That's fine, but unless one knows about the book, one will not request it. I am planning on asking my library to purchase it for their permanent collection, and if they do not, even though I'm not in a position to be buying books regularly, I will purchase it for them. It is an important book. I wish it was perceived to be as important as Kramer's Listening to Prozac. My local library has two copies of that particular book.

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