Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And one more for good measure

Serge Lutens has just announced a new addition to their exports line - Fille en Aiguilles, a "woodsy-oriental fragrance in which pine needles meld with vetiver, frankincense, fruit and spice notes." The mixture of anything pine-like with frankincense gets this woman all a-flutter.

Photo note: This is a bell jar of Lutens' Mandarine Mandarin. I only posted it because I find it beautiful. All the bell jars are beautiful, and someday (someday!) I hope to own one. Just one, mind you. One will be enough. Having just written the words "I want" once again, well, it's getting a bit ridiculous. If I was writing about handbags, one would certainly judge me harshly, but since it's perfume, somehow it makes it slightly better, for it's a form of art. Right? Then again, handbags, shoes, jewelry, all these objects are also art, at their best, so. . .

Never mind. The craving for "stuff" is always problematic.

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EileenS said...

Yes, it is "I want" for me to, but what I want is not the possession but the experience. Unlike, say, the Mona Lisa, I can't get the full benefit of a scent without holding it and spraying it on me. The beauty is ephemeral, so I must have it around to repeat the experience.. 197 isn't a ridiculous number of scents to me (especially with samples in the mix) - there are so many scents to experience!

The limited edition bell jars are beautiful; I would love to see many of them in person. Not sure I need to own any, but I could easily change my mind on seeing them!